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Bump & Baby Photography

Baby photography of a little boy with spiky hair There is nothing more magical than the creation of a new life, and in 2007 our first child was born. Helpless and vulnerable, yet with the power to bring smiles to the faces of strangers, a baby is the joy of every family.

As parents we understand that every moment with your baby is precious, including the amazing transformation and individual uniqueness of a woman’s body.

We pay particular attention to the little details, to capture those moments that a parent never forgets, from the shared moments together with your unborn baby, to a small hand grasping a single finger and those first magical steps.

It is important to us that we never rush a shoot, and therefore we allow you and your baby the time you need, whether it is for a feed, to change a nappy or just for a little sleep.

We offer a range of photography experiences to capture the unique moments of your baby’s life, from bump to first steps.

The images taken from these beginning months in your child’s life will make a fabulous album for you and your family to cherish.

Baby photography experiences are from £85. We also offer a the ‘Baby Series’ which is a series of three portrait sessions at three months, six months and one year. This includes a three art portraits in a bespoke multi frame for £355.