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Cake Smash

A few years ago in America, a new idea started. Take a perfectly good cake, a toddler either celebrating their 1st or 2nd birthday and a photographer, and put them in the same location where real mess can be made. What was created is a collection of images marking a birthday milestone, and the memory of a fun filled time of learning and exploring.

‘Cake Smashes’ are fun sessions (not just for the toddler, but for the parents and us!!). The fun starts with the realisation from your little one that they are allowed to do whatever they like to a cake….. whether its diving into the delicious buttercream made just for them, taking two handfuls of cake and trying to cram as much as possible in their mouths, sticking their feet in a cake and feeling it go between their toes, or simply knocking over the cake to see what happens.

Our ‘Cake Smash’ sessions are fairly quick, as once the cake has been smashed, well it’s gone!! Sessions typically last between 30 and 45 minutes.

A session costs £45 and includes the cake. A minimum purchase of £100 allows for a great selection of prints, etc.

Contact us to book one of these fun sessions.