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Happy Birthday Finn…

So today our eldest turns 6. And I have to wonder where the time has gone….

‘Time flying by’ is an understatement for the last 6 years, but flicking back through the library of portrait photographs we have of him, there have already been so many moments that he’s been lucky enough to experience….

From meeting his great grand parents, to attending his first wedding at 10 weeks old, to being at the Herts 100 years of Scouting celebrations, to dog sledding in Churchill, Manitoba (Canada!!) and visiting his great uncle in Toronto, to singing a solo at a New Year’s Eve party (after midnight!!), to warming up the Olympic stadium… The list goes on and on, and we’ve already noticed he has mummy’s memory and can remember key events back to when he was 2 years old… But we’ve also noticed the power that a photograph has at unlocking memories..

And he’s been there since we started our photography business (properly) when he was only a few weeks old, and still will sit, stand or pose patiently whilst we test kit, complete photography ‘homework’, or try out new techniques.

Even at 6 he has big plans for what he wants to do in his lifetime… He wants to visit Namibia with the scouts (and he wants mummy to take his friends to Namibia too), he wants to be Steve Backshall and one day have his own ‘Deadly’ series, he wants to see polar bears with mummy, and he wants to see tigers with daddy. He wants to save whales and gets very passionate about those people who kill sharks. He wants to show people through photos all the bad things in the world as he realises he can only help a cause with words and images. And he also wants to show everyone what he loves and things that he does, and he’s already recording these moments in photos.

So I know that my eldest is going to be capturing memories and moments throughout this life, whether its will his camera or my camera. And I know I will keep taking photos of what he, his brother and we all do as a family…. And I’m sure he’ll keep taking photos of what mummy and daddy are up too….

Until later,

Finn’s mummy…..

Portrait photograph of boy


  • 07/03/2013 - 8:26 am

    Laura - Gorgeous boy who is just growing up too fast. Wise beyond his years! So proud to call him my nephew :0)