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How many times do you get together with all your family?

How many times do you get together with all you family? How many times is this moment recorded?

Last weekend I organised lunch for my family…. It was a Christmas present to all of them, as it is very rare that we all get together, mainly because all our diaries are rammed with activities.  But surprisingly it only had taken me a few weeks to get us all sitting round the same dinner table, even if I did factor in cross country races, the rugby six nations, the F1 season and photography commitments.

As I looked round the table, checking that my kids were eating their food, chatting to my dad about landing planes on ice, seeming to have the casting vote on whether we were all ordering deserts or not, I thought that we don’t actually have a photo of us all together. There haven’t been any family weddings since my kids were born so there hasn’t been a reason to dress up, get together and take a family portrait photo.
But is that really a good enough reason? Like many families we fall into the trap of not having regular family portrait photography shoots. Now we have a lot (and I mean a lot!!) of photos of our family, in various combinations, but I think we probably only have a handful of even Gavin, my kids and a I altogether.
And really it is truly unforgivable….
We can all come up with excuses about not having the time, being too busy, but how long does it honestly take to find some dates that all your family could get together for a couple if hours, even if it is some months away?

Last year for Gavin’s birthday I purchased a voucher for a family portrait photography session with a photographer that I admire. I did it because I know we need to have some images of all of us, and without Gavin and I having a camera in our hands. And I know I can’t keep putting it off. If I keep putting it off, then when we look back at our family photos, there are not going to be any images of all of us, relaxed and having fun. And that will be an unforgivable problem and I know I’ll regret it.
But sitting round the table I realised that I need to also organise a photo of all of my family…. my parents, my sisters, my brother-in-law, my husband and my kids…. and that’s just  my side of the family, let alone getting together Gavin’s family. All it needs is a little organisation, but there is a goal. And the goal is simple, my family need at least one photo in our family album of all of us…… Actually we need more than one photo, but at least getting one photography session completed will result in more than I have now.
And if you have not had a recent family portrait, then look through our lifestyle portfolio (here) and give us a call to discuss your individual requirements.
Until later,
PS… A little photo from a few years ago, with my sisters no doubt thinking I was having another ‘mad’ moment…..
Sisters Family Portrait Herts