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Mums, time travel, wise words and a mini shoot photo competition!!!

As i write this I’m siting in an soft play area whilst our youngest is at a party. Our youngest loves speed and for the last half an hour all he’s done is gone on the slide… Up and down, up and down….

And this place is packed; lots of kids of course, but there are Dads whizzing down the slides holding small children and lots of mums around me, catching up and having coffee. Lots of moments that may seem insignificant now, but in the future they would be memories of family time, excitement, fun…

I’ve had a busy morning already today, but this party is giving me a few minutes to reflect on last week and plan everything for next week.

Last week whilst driving, I listened to a story about Sir Paul McCartney and when asked by a fan who he would see if he could travel back in time, he said his mum….. It was quite a moving piece of radio as they progressed into what words of wisdom had your mum given you.

As I drove in the car I easily knew who I would travel back and see.. Well with Mother’s Day coming up it would have to be Gavin’s mum who died of cancer 6 years ago. She would have been thrilled to see her grandchildren, would have bent Gavin’s ear about his ongoing inability to mow the lawn and probably have whipped up a much loved baked Alaska….

However, I also started thinking about words of wisdom from my mum….. If I had to describe my mum in a few words it would be competitive, driven….  am I allowed to say a little crazy too (!?!) She’s there when needed, and has brought me up believing that i can do anything and everything i want to do, so long as i apply myself to the task…

But what piece of advise did I get from mum that I will pass onto my sons??

I messaged my sisters,not because I couldn’t think of anything, but i wanted to see if the advise changed between the 3 of us… And actually it was prettier similar, ‘never give up’, ‘always try hard in everything your do’…. The most practical advise was ‘hands behind your back when you are in a shop full of breakables’ which one of sisters uses still, and advise that I’ve already passed on to my children.

Mums have a special place in our hearts… They are the ones who pick us up and tell us everything will be ok before sending us back out (ok Dad’s do this too!!). They will stand beside a freezing sports pitch or court cheering you on (or for me she’ll walk away because the pressure is just too much). They will be the taxi driver. And that is just a few lines of a very long list (well my list anyway!)

So in honour of mums we are going to run a competition and the prize will be a mini shoot and a desktop framed image from the shoot…. So it could be an ideal time to get a photo of you and your mum, or even a number of generations of your family…

All you have to do is visit our Facebook page and look for the ‘giveway’.

And to end with a photo, I’m sharing one showing three generations of my family…. My great aunt, my mum and our eldest taken a number of years ago… and its a photograph that reminds me of a moment that I’ll remember forever.

Remember photos capture moments in time that are too precious to be forgotten, even if you don’t think they are important at the time…

Until later,


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