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Newborn Photography

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things” – Robert Brault newborn photography of a little boy in a bucket with a blue and white pom pom hat

Nine months of eager anticipation has finally come to an end and your bundle of joy has arrived!  As parents we want to remember every little moment and have the ability to freeze time. We would love to hold our babies as newborns again, but our children grow too fast and we cannot rewind the clock. Our mission, therefore, is to do the next best thing and freeze time with artful photography.

Our approach to newborn photography sessions is a unique combination of documentary and lifestyle capturing moments in time, to give you a complete story of life with your newest family member.

You will not want to miss the opportunity to have your little one photographed at this special time. It is strongly recommended that a newborn session take place within the first week after the baby’s arrival. In fact the sooner, the better. We are, however, happy to photograph newborns up to 4 weeks old to capture those special moments.

Newborn safety is our number 1 priority at a newborn shoot.  Extra things need to be considered with posing newborns. For example, not every newborn will be comfortable in every pose! Some babies will curl easily, others won’t. Some babies will allow you to fold their legs up and under them, others won’t. We will not force it, and advise parents not to set their heart on a specific image, as your little one will dictate what they want to do.

Our exclusive newborn sessions always take place in your home, and are never rushed; your and your baby’s comfort and enjoyment is our priority. Your newborn session will last approximately three to four hours depending on the needs of your baby. We give you time for feeding or comfort, whatever your baby requires. It is not necessary to supply any props as we will bring a range with us, however, if you have something special or sentimental that you wish to incorporate, please feel free to have it to hand.

It can be difficult to book a newborn session in advance, however we can still pencil you in, and most clients book sessions at least 3 months in advance of their due date. Once you have a slot booked, we can alter you session booking if your little one is early or late.

Exclusive newborn sessions start from £85.